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Fiverr Account Disabled? Recover Suspended Fiverr ID

Your Fiverr account has been suspended, Your Fiverr Account has been restricted, and Your Fiverr Account has been disabled. One of these red lines can be a nightmare. Especially, if you have just started doing good on Fiverr. So, we will be seeing how you can reactivate your Fiverr account.

Fiverr account terminated

Understand Why Fiver Account Ban Happened?

The first thing that you need to do in understand the Fiverr warning. It is not necessary that your Fiverr account is disabled permanently, it might be a temporary ban or your account might simply be restricted.

Please note that this is the place where we will see why your account was banned. In the next section, we will see how you can recover your account.

There are three types of ban that you might see here.

#1 Fiverr Account Restricted

The first issue that you might see on your Fiverr account is where the Fiverr account is restricted. This is a common issue that you might see.

Here, your account is restricted by using a couple of features.

Generally, here are the common restrictions that will apply.

  • You can’t make new orders receive new orders on Fiverr, nor you can create gigs or message anyone.

Talking about revenue, you can withdraw your revenue. However, you will need additional approval from the Fiverr team. This depends on why your account was restricted.

#2 Limitations on Fiverr Account

Limitations on the Fiverr account are similar to restrictions. In some accounts, you will see that your account is limited.

Generally, the limitation is put when there is some action required from your side. For example, you might see the error like “Your account has been limited until you complete your Fiverr ID verification”.

So, if some action is needed from your side, you might see this error.

#3 Fiverr Account Suspended

Here, there are two main things that you need to know.

  • Your Fiverr account is Temporarily suspended.
  • Your Fiverr account has been permanently suspended.

These two are different types of ban.

In the temporary suspension of the Fiverr account, there is some action needed from your side.

For instance, you will need to complete your ID verification or you need to set up your payment accounts. In such cases, your account will be suspended temporarily until you complete the procedure.

On the other hand, if your account has been permanently banned, you will have to request an appeal to Fiverr support.

Your Fiverr account has been Disabled

You will receive an email something like this. The subject line will simply say, “Your Fiverr account has been disabled”.

Hi UserName,

This message is to let you know that our system disabled your Fiverr account for violating our Terms of Service. This decision was taken after careful consideration and cannot be reversed.

Due to your account being disabled, you cannot log in or withdraw any funds you may have.

If you have any funds available for withdrawal, in 90 days from now, you will receive an email with instructions explaining how to withdraw these funds.

This email will be sent automatically and there is no need to contact Customer Support.

Learn more about disabled accounts.


The Fiverr Team


If that’s the case, you can confirm that your Fiverr account is disabled permanently and you can take the steps to recover it.

Reason for Fiverr Ban

Now, you surely might be wondering why my Fiverr account is banned, right?

So, we have taken a couple of the most common reasons for violations.

Fiverr account disabled for no reason

#1 Giving Email or Phone Number

Fiverr doesn’t allow you to contact the client outside of Fiverr. You can’t even talk to them outside of Fiverr. So, don’t ever give your number or email address to the client.

#2 Multiple Accounts

Don’t create more than one account on Fiverr. Fiverr allows you to create only one account. So, make sure you don’t have many accounts.

#3 Fake or Bot Reviews

Don’t even plan to get any Fiverr reviews from a third party. This might lead to Fiverr account termination. It is always better to get genuine reviews.

#4 Spamming

According to Fiverr TOS, you can’t spam your buyers or initiate a conversation to buy your services. Instead, you can go to “Buyers requests” and get a project from there.

Here is an article to help you out > Rank Fiverr Gigs on the first page

#5 Seller ID Verification Failed

Well, this is the least talked issue but a very common one. Even I faced this issue. Once you create your account and get 1 or 2 sales, Fiverr will ask you for Seller ID verification.

You will have to upload your identity card/passport/driving license and your selfie holding the same card.

If you are planning to click a photo with your mobile phone, your ID will be terminated. This is because Fiverr uses an automated system to detect identity. So, your photo needs to be high-quality. It is always better to use a scanned picture.

Also, if you give the wrong ID for 3 times, your account will be terminated for spamming.

#6 Payment Issues

This is the reason why your Fiverr account will be suspended for a temporary time.

#7 My Fiverr Account was Disabled/Suspended for No Reason

If you think your Fiverr account was disabled for no reason, this section will help you out. It is always better to check the terms and conditions of the service before you assume anything.

So, your first job is to check out Fiverr terms and conditions. Yeah, we know it’s boring, but you will have to do it.

If you still think my Fiverr account was suspended for no reason, you are not alone. Fiverr is a registered company with a huge number of users. They have an automated system that checks for all these spamming activities.

So, your account was not disabled by a person but was disabled by Fiverr for no reason. Luckily, Fiverr has a support system where you can appeal.

Of course, it will take time. You have not got any other option other than waiting. So, email them regarding the same. They will reinitiate the account if it was a mistake.

Make sure you don’t repeat the mistake at any cost. If the support doesn’t reply within 7 days, you can also tweet them.

Recovering Fiverr Account After Suspension

Now, we will see how you can recover your account with ease. There will only be one way to recover the account.

You will have to contact the support team and they will guide you.

Contact support – was that the reason why you read the entire article? Of course, not. We will see exactly how you can do the same. We will also see some appeal templates you can use to email Fiverr support.

How to contact Fiverr support for Recovering Suspended ID?

Now, we are going to see how you can contact support. Before that, you will have to make sure that you read all the terms of service on Fiverr. Make a list of all the TOS you were violating. Your next job is to contact support.

Make sure you add the following information.

The terms of service you were breaking and why you were breaking. It could be a genuine mistake or you might have not understood the terms of the condition. The main goal here is to admit the mistake. You can explain to them that you have now read the T&C and you will keep in mind the things.

Fiverr support is slow. They are getting thousands of tickets every single day. So, you will have to wait. Wait for at least 7 days before you send them an email again. If you send more emails, chances are your email won’t be answered (it counts as spamming).

So, just one email explaining the issue and apologizing will do the work.

If your account is suspended for identity verification issues or similar ones, you don’t need to worry about it. As these will easily be solved.

Email Templates to Appeal on Ban Fiverr account

Of course, many of the Fiverr sellers don’t know how to contact Fiverr support when your account is terminated.

Therefore, we will cover a few ways you can use to contact the support team.

Please note that don’t use the exact template to contact the support. Instead, you can write the same email in your words and then contact support. In this way, you can make the most out of it.

So, you should consider them as a sample email template for recovering your suspended Fiverr account.

Template 1: Apology Fiverr Appeal for the ban

Hello Fiverr team,

My name is X, I have been using Fiverr since 2018. I have always followed the terms and conditions stated on the Fiverr TOS page.

Some buyers used to ask me for personal information to which I always said no.

Fiverr earnings make my half of the finances, I am willing to correct my mistake and keep using Fiverr. I would like to request the team to look at my account and reactivate it.

Thank you.

Template 2: When you didn’t do anything

Hi Fiverr team,

I got an email dated DD/MM/YYYY that my Fiverr account has been suspended for violating the terms and conditions. I believe this was a mistake and my account is suspended for no reason.

I have made sure that I follow all the TOS and have never violated any of them.

Please recheck it from your side and reactivate my account.


Negative reply after Appealing on Fiverr

Now, if you have done all the steps and even appealed with an email, what if you still got a negative response?

Well, let’s face the truth now.

There is no way you can get the Fiverr account back after you got a negative response for your appeal. The appeal is your final chance to recover a suspended Fiverr account. If they don’t activate it, you should forget about your Fiverr account and move on.

You can still withdraw your funds.

Getting Earnings (funds) from Suspended Fiverr Account

If nothing works, you can ask for your earnings back. They will give the money back after 90 days. They will check with the buyer and if the buyer doesn’t open a dispute within 90 days, you will get your money back.

In most cases, you will receive an email to withdraw your funds within 7 days.

If your Fiverr account has been terminated for different reasons which are not related to payments, you will get the money directly. You can contact support regarding the same thing.

Creating another account on Fiverr after suspension

Aah, let’s talk about yet another interesting take people have when they got a suspended Fiverr account.

They think of creating another Fiverr account after the current one is suspended.

There are two reasons not to do it.

  1. Fiverr doesn’t allow creating multiple accounts even after one is suspended.
  2. It’s not worth it.
Creating another Fiverr account after suspension

Yes, creating another account and growing it isn’t worth the time you are spending.

Instead, you should spend the time wisely and start freelancing directly. Sure, it’s going to take time but it will surely take less time than you setting up Fiverr all over again.

But wait, there is one thing you can do to make a HUGE amount of money even if you have Fiverr account suspended.

You can join Fiverr affiliates after you have suspended your account

Joining Fiverr Affiliates After Fiverr Gigs suspension

Fiverr has recently introduced affiliates where you can refer someone and make money.

You can refer people for

  • Fiverr affiliates
  • CPA
  • Fiverr Learn
  • Fiverr Gigs

You will make money for everything. So, you can join Fiverr Affiliates.

Here are a couple of resources you can check.

25+ Best Freelancing Sites

Easiest Fiverr Gigs you can do

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  1. My Fiverr accounts was disabled many times and I know thousands of accounts are suspended everyday. Members don’t loose hope if you’re account is deactivated. will be another alternative to fiverr that you should utilize before competition goes high. Thanks

  2. hello my account was disabled on 06 may 2021 without any warning. i have remaining funds in my account. according to fiverr team “we will send you an email within 90 days you will be able to withdraw your funds”. i have not receive any email from Fiverr yet. please resolve the issue & give me access to my account that i can withdraw my funds as earliest please thanks.

  3. Hello!

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    1. Hey, I saw that it’s been a while since you published your comment. You can surely try contacting the support. If it doesn’t work, there are plenty of other websites where you can try your luck. LinkedIn can be a great way to get started.

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