Upwork Fee Calculator | How much will you Earn?

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How much fee does Upwork take?

Upwork fees vary depending on the total transaction value of the client. If you have made more than $10k from a single client, you will have to pay 5% fees, for transactions less than $10 and more than $500, you will have to pay 10% fees, for less than $500, the fees are 20%.

Does Upwork charge fees from clients?

No, Upwork doesn’t charge fees from the clients.

How do I avoid Upwork fees?

You can do more projects for the same client. When you do so, you will have to incur fewer fees.

Is Upwork free of cost?

Yes, Upwork is free. However, they charge a small fee for the transactions. You will also have to pay for the connects. They provide a few connects for free.

How does Upwork Fee Calculator work?

Now, it’s important to know how a calculator works to know whether you want to use it or not.

We will use a simple mechanism in the Upwork fee calculator that allows you to know what will Upwork charge and what you will have to give as fees.

The first field is where you enter the current project price. This is the price of your current Upwork project invoice.

In the next field, you enter the total billed value from the client.

Once you enter that, our code checks the total transaction value with the client. Upwork fees differ depending on what is the total amount. We have already seen it in the above FAQ. So, we won’t repeat it here.

Thereafter, we check if the total amount is between 0 to 500. In that case, we add 20% as the service fee and do the rest of the calculation. On the other hand, if the transaction value is larger than 500 but less than 10,000, we put 10% as the fee. Lastly, if the transaction value s larger than 10k, we keep 5% as the Upwork fee and do the calculation.

Why do we have the Upwork Fees Calculator?

There are two main reasons to make this calculator.

  1. People often don’t know what are Upwork fees.
  2. Freelancers want to know how much money they will get after Upwork cuts the commissions.

Therefore, we have this calculator where freelancers can enter the invoice details and we will tell you how much fees will Upwork charges.

Upwork Cost Calculation: What are the fees?

We will now see what is the total Upwork cost calculation.

Upwork has a rule that if you bring a specific amount of business from a client and maintain a proper relationship, they will decrease the cost. In simple words, if your client pays you more than $500, Upwork will start decreasing the fees.

This is just from one specific client.

For instance, if client A pays you $250 and then the same client pays you $300 for another project, you are eligible for getting 10% fees because the client’s total value is $550.

On the other hand, if client A pays you $400 and client B pays you $450, you will still have to pay 20% as fees.

Therefore, the more money you make from a single client, the lesser fees you will pay.