25+ Best Freelancing websites for Beginners

There surely are a ton of freelancing websites out there. It has become really difficult to choose one website to work with. Here, we are going to see the best freelancing websites for beginners (freelancers) that you can work on.

First of all, we will cover the best websites for you. Later on, we will also see the category-specific websites you can work with. All these freelancing websites have a different kind of working method. Depending on your skills, the freelancing sites might differ. For example, the best freelancing websites for beginners will be different from the best freelancing websites for professionals. So, we will see the top websites and the details.

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Best freelancing websites for Beginners

These are the best freelancing platforms for all the people out there. Whether you are a new freelancer who is trying to make a debut or you are a professional freelancer.

1. Fiverr (Less Effort Freelance site)

Fiverr is no doubt one of the best freelancing websites for beginners. If you want to just start freelancing, you can go with this particular website. The working model of Fiverr is different and unique from all the other freelancing sites out there. This is why Fiverr is my personal favorite website to start freelancing.

Here, the freelancers will have to post a specific service and the buyers who will find you if they are interested in your service. You (as a freelancer) just need to create a Fiverr gig where you will state all the description of the service you will provide. You can post anything you want. Fiverr will later ask you to upload a gig picture and description. It also gives you the option to add 3 different plans for a single service/gig. Moreover, you can also offer custom orders to your customers.

best freelancing websites for beginners

There are a couple of levels. You will be able to create more gigs when you increase the levels. Also, if you reach the last level, the clearance time will decrease. So, it works perfectly well for the people who are just starting out.

The support from the Fiverr team is less but it pretty much helps you when you want. There are many complaints about support. The next thing that you need to make sure is that you follow their Term of service. They are very strict when it comes to terms and conditions.

Overall, it is a great website you can go with because you don’t need to find the clients. They will find you from the search results and come to you. You will have to pay a 20% commission to Fiverr as service fees. You can have 7 active gigs at first which will increase as you level up.

So, is it one of the best freelancing websites for beginners or it’s too crowded for them? Well, there are mixed reviews about it. We have a ton of articles on Fiverr.

Before you sign up, we would recommend you to read this one: Fiverr Review: Best place to start freelancing (or worst)?

Signup for Fiverr

2. Upwork (Free Freelancing Website for High Paying Clients)

The best freelancing sites available is Upwork. Upwork is a legit freelancing website to find high paying clients. You can easily get long-term brand clients as well as clients who are ready to pay a high hourly rate. Unlike Fiverr, here you will have to send the proposals to the buyers. However, on the positive side, you will get some really high paying clients. Therefore, you can surely make a lot of money from it.

best freelancing websites for experienced freelancers

Most of the freelancers on Upwork are working as a team. You can also work as an individual. Getting approved on Upwork is quite hard and you will need the right skill set in order to qualify as a freelancer. Therefore, the platform is for the people who really have some skills.

Freelancers are charged between 20% to 5% as service fees. At first, you will have to pay 20% fees to them and when you reach a certain level, the fees will decrease to 5%. In the same way, the client or the buyer also has to pay a certain fee in order to access your service. You can get paid on an hourly basis or you can get the payment as a lump sum. The website is pretty great for the people who are looking for some serious work.

If you’re looking for a reliable freelance site for newcomers, you can try Upwork. There are some people who question Upwork Legitimacy. However, you don’t need to worry about it. It’s great. The charges are bit more but you can calculate Upwork fees before signing up.

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3. Guru

Guru is also one of the best freelancing websites that you can have a look at. The website is currently growing and has more than 3 million users. You can get projects such as writing and translation, graphic designing, web development, and much more.

best freelancing sites

There are various plans available as a freelancer that you can opt for. There is also a free plan that you can take at an initial stage. In the free plan, you will get up to 10 bids. If you want more bids, you can surely opt for a different membership plan. There are a couple of other features that you will get if you go with one of the paid plans. The feature includes premium quotes, job Q/A, etc. However, it is up to you if you want to pay for that plan or not. The plan starts at $8.95 if you pay annually.

The reason I love Guru is because of the small commission. You will only pay a 9% job fee for every completed project. Moreover, if you pay for one of the plans, the fee will decrease. There is only a 5% fee in the most expensive plan and also you will get 50 bids per month which are really great. If you are just starting with a freelancing site, you can surely go with the free plan. You can surely upgrade whenever you want.

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4 .PeoplePerHour

As the name says, here you can hire people on an hourly basis or you can be the one who gets hired. The tagline says “Hire in minutes, pay per hour” which will answer most of your questions. You can register as a freelancer and start making huge money from it. All you need to do is register into the website, fill out the skills section, and give the services.

best freelance platform

They give various templates that you can send. You can either send them the proposal requests or the buyer can also directly search you. In this way, you will get the projects from them. You will get a certificate from PeoplePerHour which will help you to get more projects. There are plans that you can register just like every other freelancer.

In the free plan, you will get 15 free proposals. If you want, you can surely purchase other credits. You will get more projects through it. Although, the website is old, there are fewer people aware of it. Hence, it is really easy to get projects from PeoplePerHour. Hence, this could also be one of the best freelancing websites for beginners. There are various projects available here. You can bid on any of them and get the money. Overall, the website is great. 

Signup for PeoplePerHour

5. Toptal (Premium Freelance website)

The next freelancing website is Toptal. It claims to have the top 3% of talented freelancers. Being a freelancer, you can apply for a product manager, project manager, developer, Agile, finance, and for similar kinds of projects. In simpler words, if you want to do some freelancing with high demand skills, you can surely work with this particular website.

professional freelance platform

Unlike most of freelancing websites, here you will not be allowed with normal skills such as PHP, Content writing, etc. If you want to work with this freelancing site, you will need to have some high level skills as well as experience in developing these. Approval on this website is also not easy. Hence, if you are looking for the best freelancing websites for beginners, this one is definitely NOT the choice. However, if you are looking for the best freelancing websites for professional skills, this one is for you.

If you have some skills in the stated topic, you should only go with Toptal instead of any other. This is the only place where you will get the money as per your talent. It is very hard to get accepted but if you get accepted, you can surely make freelancing as a full-time career with Toptal.

Toptal is not one of the best freelancing websites for beginners. If you have just started freelancing or planning to start, you can use others. You can surely try applying here but don’t get your hopes high.

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6. Freelancer

There was a time when this website was one of the best freelancing websites ever. In fact, the website is here for years now. However, as new freelancing sites jumped in, the popularity of this particular website started to decrease. It still works the best for the people who really want to get some projects.

No doubt, it lacks some of the features like other websites have and also the spam score is a little bit high but you can surely try this website. It is also a bidding website. In simpler words, you will have to bid on the projects in order to get them. There are roughly 1350 different categories that you can have a look at.

The only most important tip over here is to bid on the right project. There will be some of the projects where the pricing will be too high for small tasks, these are fake listings and you shouldn’t bid of them. So, make sure you know what should be the pricing of your skill and bid on the projects that have similar pricing. If you keep that in mind you will surely be able to make some money over here with this freelancing website.

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7. CloudPeeps

CloudPeeps can be the best option if you have experience. There are a limited amount of countries that are accepted. Hence, you will have to make sure that your country is in that particular list. Once you have the confirmation of the same, you can continue.

The signup option is not clearly visible, you will have to scroll to the bottom in order to join. At the footer section, you will find the link to join CloudPeeps. There are various jobs which you can try over here. They also allow you to accept the payment from the customers outside of CloudPeeps. They charge a nominal amount of fee as the transaction or we can say service fee. Overall, if you take a look at it. It is absolutely fine.

Check out CloudPeeps

8. ServiceScape

Another great example here is the ServiceScape. It is one of the best freelance platforms you can go with. The website focuses on 4 main services which are editing, translating, designing, and of course, writing. So, if you are one among the following, you can surely visit the freelance platform and create your account over there.

The interface is clean and simple which makes it even more interesting. There are more than 85k clients who are looking for freelancers. It is not too crowded and neither it is less crowded. There is a little bit of competition which you will face in getting the project. However, you can surely win a project over here.

Register at ServiceScape

Low Competition freelancing websites for Beginners

Now, let’s jump into the part where we will only discuss the low competition yet the best freelancing websites for beginners. These are the websites where the crowd is less. So, you can get your first project with ease.

Please note that as these are low competition freelancing sites for starters, you will have to be careful as you might get scammed.

If you plan to go with reliable and best freelancing websites for beginners, you can choose a few from the above 8 sites. You can scroll down a little and find some of the best freelancing websites for beginners which are industry specific.

9. Truelancer

Truelancer has nowadays gained a lot of popularity. If this is not the first top list, you might have seen the same website on top of many other lists where they list low competition freelance sites or something like best freelance websites for a beginner. Either way, you get the point, right?

truelancer review

The biggest issue with this website is spam. You will have to make sure that the job looks genuine. People over here write the wrong price in the job description. So, don’t think that you are going to get high paying projects using this website. You will only get small projects which you can work on.

You can also check Truelancer Review | Is it worth your time?

Register at Truelancer

10. Freelance My Way

Freelance My Way is one of the low competition freelance websites. Hence, if you are a total newbie, you might love this particular website. Freelance My Way has very few amounts of projects. You will hardly see a project in 2 days (as of now). This is very much helpful if you are a total beginner.

low competition freelance websites

It is always a better option to register on a low competition freelance website if you are a total beginner. This will eventually get you what you a couple of projects. It can give you a bit more income. Once you start making enough money, you can shift to the big boys and make money using the high paying freelance platform such as UpWork or Fiverr.

Update: FreelanceMyWay is no longer accessible. So, you will have to go with other best freelancing websites for beginners. This is why we clearly mentioned that these low-competition best freelancing websites for beginners are not always the right choice. You might end up losing your time and efforts.

11. Envato Studio (Microlancer)

The next one in our list of the low competition freelance websites is Envato Studio formerly known as  Microlancer. If you in the online business field for a long time, you surely might have heard about Envato. If not, it is all in one marketplace where you can find amazing WordPress themes, codes, graphics, audio, video, and a lot more.

low competition freelance websites

They have now come up with the marketplace idea where you can offer your own service. It is something like Fiverr. They have the main focus on WordPress customization and logo design service. However, you can find many more services right over there.

Envato is a known brand among many developers, especially WordPress and PHP folks. Therefore, you can surely count it in the best freelancing websites for beginners as well as professionals. You might have to pay more commissions here.

Register at Envato Studio

Best freelancing website for Graphic designer

These are the best freelancing websites for graphic designers out there. If you are into logo making, infographic creation, T-shirt designing, or a similar field, these websites will be the best choice for you. In simpler words, these are the websites for freelance illustrator experts or photoshop experts.

12. 99designs

If you are a graphic designer looking for the best freelancing website for graphic design, you should surely have a look at 99designs. The website is especially for the people who work with graphics such as logos, ebook covers, etc. So, here you will only the buyers who are looking for similar kinds of freelancers.

Best freelancing website for Graphic designing

You will get the right price for your work and skill here. There are a couple of contests that you can take part in. The contest is where the company posts its requirements and all the members can submit their work. If the company likes your work and is interested in using your work, you will get your payment. The price and the details vary from contest to contest. You can go to the website to have a look at it.

The support here is quite bad and as a designer, you will not get the proper amount of support. Most of the reviews about the websites also claim the same thing.

Signup for 99Designs

13. Awesomeweb (Freelance site for Designers)

We already talked about freelancing websites for graphic designers but what about the other designers? If you have a proficiency in designing on various platforms such as Mailchimp, WooCommerce, etc or you are looking for the best freelancing websites for web designers, here is something to have a look at.

web designer freelance platform

Awesomeweb is a freelancing website that is only about designing. You will be able to work on all the designing platforms starting from CSS to Photoshop. Even if you know to design on Wix, this website is for you. Here, you will be able to get what you are looking for.

It is the best freelance platform for designers out there. You should at least have a look at the skills directory on the website. You will surely find one of the skills that you are best at. You can then start working on that particular skill.

Signup for Awesomeweb

14. Dribble

Our next selection in the list of the best freelance websites for graphic designers is Dribble. Dribble calls itself as a self-promotion network. In Dribble, you can either find the graphic designer you are looking for or you can find freelance jobs are a designer.

best freelance website for graphic designer

Dribble works as a freelance job board for graphic designers as well as designers can find freelancing projects in this website. Whether you are UI/UX designer or you are an expert in crafting a logo, there are jobs for everyone on this website. You can surely give it a try and see if it is working for you or not.

Sign up for Dribble

15. Behance (One of the Best Freelance websites for Graphics)

If you are freelance illustrator specialist or UI/UX freelancer, you surely might have heard about Behance. In fact, all the freelancers who use Adobe software might have heard about the website. It is no doubt, one of the best freelancing sites for UI/UX freelancers and graphic designer.

freelance illustrator

Behance is basically a graphic designing community but they also have a job board that is perfect for a freelance graphic designer. You can find UI/UX jobs over here with ease.  You can surely give it a try.

Signup for Behance job list

Best Freelancing websites for Content Writing

For all the content writers out there, this particular list is for you. Here, we will be checking out the best freelance websites for content writing which you can go for.

16. TextBroker

As a content writer, you surely have a ton of options. It is super easy to get projects as a content writer on most of the websites. However, if you are looking for a writing-specific freelancing website, there is something you can have a look at. TextBroker is a website, especially for the content writers.

content writer freelance platform

You will get the payment as per your skills. You will be asked to submit a free signup article at first. Once you submit the article and it gets approved, you will be given a rating. Depending on the ratings of your article, you can grab the projects. You will be paid as per the star rating you have.

Moreover, the freelancing platform also supports direct orders. You will get more money if someone orders from you directly. So, in simpler words, it is a pretty great freelancing platform for writers out there.

Signup for TextBroker

17. Freelance Writing

As the name says, it is a freelance platform for writers. Whether you are a copywriter or you are more into creative writing, they have got you covered. You will also get a couple of resources for content writers. For instance, you can find ebooks and articles related to writing. This will help you a lot in your writing career.

best freelance job board

Therefore, you can surely join Freelance Writing. Not to mention, it has a newsletter which goes by the name “Morning Coffee Newsletter”, you can join that particular newsletter and you will get the job listings in your mailbox. This is a weekly newsletter, you just need to enter your email address to start getting the emails.

Go to Freelance Writing

18. iWriter

iWriter is another great alternative that you can try. You can just go to the write content section on the website to start as a content writer freelancer. You can make up to $80 for a 500 words article. However, it depends on your level.

freelance website for content writers

Depending on your writing style and the quality of your content, you will be given a tag. That is either you will be the standard writer, premium, elite, and if your content is too good you will be given the elite plus tag, The pricing will be different for each and every one of them and hence you will get different amounts depending on your level.

Register at iWriter

19. PepperContent

Is PepperContent one of the best freelancing websites for writers? Yes, you can surely try it out. It’s a great website when you’re a complete beginner and looking for a few projects. You can surely get started with PepperContent with ease. Their terms are bit tough. So, you will feel like you’re doing a job. For instance, you can’t share the samples with anyone. The work you have done in Pepper Content is confidential and owned by the. You can’t even share them in your portfolio.

best freelancing websites

Best freelance job boards for Beginnners

Job Boards are amazing as they will help you find your favorite job in no time. Basically, they are like the best freelancing websites but you will have to apply to the company as if it is your job. So, you can surely try one of the freelancing job boards if you want to find a freelancing job.

You can treat freelance job boards are freelancing websites for beginners. There isn’t much difference. The process is quite different than the other freelancing sites for new freelancers.

20. Flexjob (Best Freelance Job Board)

Of course, the first and the best freelance job board is Flexjob. The board is so cool that it can even beat some of the best freelance platforms out there. As soon as you open the Flexjob website, you will see the option to personalize your search. You will get a popup notification for the same. Using that particular option, you can personalize your job search.

job board for freelancers

Further, you will find the number of jobs available. You can easily apply to the jobs that you think you are best for. That’s pretty much it. Once you’re able to find the jobs, you just need to apply for it. There are tons of job availabel on Flexjob. So, it is pretty easy to find the job that you will love.

Go to Flexjob

21. Indeed (One of the Best Freelancing websites for Beginners)

InDeed can really be a great opportunity for the people worldwide. Whether you are from New York City or you are residing somewhere in India, InDeed has an opportunity for all of you. People always take Indeed as a full-time job finder. However, there are many out there on Indeed looking for freelancers. You can do the remote job and make a handful of cash.

freelance job board

Indeed is the freelance job board for anyone. It is a pretty cool freelancing job board to find all kinds of jobs. You will have to select the city name when you open the website, you can select your city name or you can simply search the job in nearby city. Some of the recruiters here might be willing to meet you for the first time before they land you the job.

Head over to Indeed

22. Craigslist

No doubt, Craiglist is all on one website. No matter what you are looking for, you will find it in Craiglist. Whether it is job, service, area, or you are looking for an apartment, you will find all the things in Craiglist. Most people avoid it but it can be a great platform for freelancers. Freelance job boards can really get you what you are looking for.

The companies post their job and you can simply ask if they are willing to have someone do the job as a freelancer. So, it can really be a great thing to do. Further, they have hundreds of job offers in various niches. So, ultimately, you will be able to find the job that you are looking for with this. You can select your country/city from the side menu.

It isn’t specifically one of the best freelancing websites for beginners. However, if you are looking for some job-based listing site, you can surely try out Craiglist.

23. Problogger Job board

ProBlogger is among the best freelance job boards out there. Now, they even have their own freelance job board or we can say remote work from home job board where all the freelancers can find the work. The job is more like a forum style like traditional job boards. It’s a website that is all about blogging. They have a sub-domain where you can find some freelance work and also many best freelancing websites.

writing job board

There is way less competition over here in this particular job board and hence it is quite easy to find the job that you are looking for. You can filter out the results based on various things. Lastly, using this, you can directly apply for the job. It is a blogging website so all the jobs are related to the same. You can find copywriting jobs, graphic designing freelance jobs, and stuff like that.

Register at Pro Blogger

24. Monster

Monster is one of the best freelance job boards out there you can try. There are a ton of the people who are using this to find the clients they want, why can’t you? Monster has been in the industry for a very long time now. This is the main reason why you will find many jobs here.

Monster is available in all the countries. As soon as you will open the website, you will be redirected to the specific country. From there, you can surely choose one of the city names and start finding your next job. It is fast and easy.

Sign up at Monster

25. CollegeRecruiter

Our next choice of selection for the best freelance job board is the College Recruiter platform. As the name says, it is the best job board for freshers. You can easily find remote job work from home with this website. Further, if you are looking for an internship, you can easily get the same thing with College Recruiter.

freelancing job for college students

The process is simple and easy. As soon as you open the website, you will have to enter the keyword of the job and your location. You will find all the jobs that are available. Now, we need to sort out the freelance jobs from all the jobs given as we are only using College Recruiter as a freelance job board. However, you can also find full-time jobs and internship over here.

Register at College Recruiters

26. Airtasker

Airtasker is one of the unique websites out there. You can use it as one of the best freelancing websites as well as you can also use it as a Freelance Job board. On this website, one can outsource anything they want. It allows companies and individuals to post small tasks on the website.

freelance remote jobs

Being a freelancer, you can either search one of the remote jobs or you can also find the offline task. The website has an option to search for all the nearby jobs and remote jobs. You can specify the KM range. For instance, if you are in California, you can set the distance to 50 KM. The website will find all the jobs available within the range of 50 KM.

Start looking for tasks at Airtasker


Remember this line.

[bctt tweet=”Any website is a freelancing website if you have the talent” via=”RishitSBhatt”]

Along with all the websites out there, you can surely opt for many other freelancing sites that you are already using. Here are a couple of options from where you can find freelancing projects.

  • YouTube
  • Emails (not a website, but you can surely contact the clients directly)
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • You can also start your own blog and offer freelance service

We all are already using these websites, right? Why don’t leverage the power of these websites and make some money? You can surely get a lot of clients from these websites with ease.

All you need to do is have a sales pitch and some samples ready that you can show them. Once you have them, all you have to do is contact them. Throw your sales pitch and see if they are interested or not.

The only thing where you will have to use your mind is on which services the business would love. Once you know it, you can surely start contacting them.

Final words: Conclusion

To conclude, these are a couple of best freelancing websites for beginners as well as for the professionals. You can surely go for the freelance platform you love. Fiverr is the only platform that is totally different from all of these. So, you can even try it if you like. It depends on your end goal on what you want to do. If you want to create an agency, you should make sure you write the agency name as the username. In this way, you will surely increase the branding of your website.

By the way, which is/are the best freelancing sites according to you? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts.

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