Freelance Rate Calculator | Find Your Hourly Freelancing rate

Freelance rate calculator is a small tool that you can use to find your hourly freelancing rate. We know that all the freelancers out there might have a question, “What is my day rate?” or in the same way, some of you are looking for the day rate calculator or hourly rate calculator. We are here for you with the best freelance rate calculator which you can use to find your daily or hourly rate.

Freelance Rate Calculator or Hourly rate calculator

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Should you really charge this rate?

Once you get your freelance hourly rate, the question is should you really charge this much? You see, there are a couple of things that you need to take care of when you are charging your clients. You can’t just charge $100 an hour for a simple work which anyone can do.

You are a freelancer or you are a brand agency that works as a freelancer. In this industry, brand credibility and trust is the most important thing that you should see. You can’t just charge a high amount of hourly wage just because you want to make a million dollars a year.

You also need to analyze the competition and see what others are charging. Also, the country matters if you are targeting local clients. Moreover, the service you are providing will play an important role. In some of the services such as Data entry, you will not get high paying hourly wage.

So, the best way here to find some high paying skills that can give you enough hourly salary as per the hourly rate calculator.

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How to Calculate my Hourly rate?

If you are wondering how do I calculate my hourly rate, it is a simple procedure. First of all, you need to open this freelance rate calculator.

Thereafter, in the first box, you need to enter the total amount of money you want to make in a year. The currency is not a problem here as you can enter any sign. You will get the answer in that particular currency.

In the next box, you need to enter the number of hours you are willing to work every single day. This will help to determine how long will it take to reach your goal.

Off days and vacations are also important. So, the next field is where you will enter the total number of off days you will take every single month. You can include weekends also. There are some of the freelancers who work 7 days a week. Hence, we have not excluded weekends by default. However, you can surely enter the off days.

In the result section, you will get what should be my Hourly rate freelance and also you will get the weekly and monthly rate for freelancing.

You can use the same rate for every service such as if you are looking for a videography freelance rate calculator or you are looking for a consultant rate calculator, you can use this particular freelance tool. In the same way, you can as a designer freelancing rate calculator.

freelance rate calculator | hourly rate calculator

Why we made this hourly Calculator?

There are a couple of reasons why you will see this tool on this website. It all started when I was reading a book. The book said if you want to achieve your goals, you need to do the math.

If you want to make $1000, you need to sell $100 product to 10 people or you need to sell $10 product to 100 people.

I didn’t have any product at that time as I was a freelancer. I used to charge on an hourly basis like every other freelancer. So, I was looking for a Freelancing rate calculator which can calculate hourly rate.

There were some tools that I came across but some of them will only show weekly rate while some of them will not show the off days. Even If I use those calculators, I had to do a little bit of calculation on my own. No doubt, the hourly wage calculation was simple and easy but still, there were some calculations I had to do.

Also, at that time I was doing freelancing on Fiverr and other similar freelancing websites, so I had to find hourly rate, as well as, I wanted to know my weekly and monthly rate. This calculator gave me accurate details to fill up all the things.

Therefore, the freelance rate calculator is the best hourly rate calculator. You can even use it has Fiverr gig rate calculator or Upwork hourly rate calculator as we have an option to add the commissions.

FAQ on Rate Calculator

Here are a couple of most asked questions about the freelance tool and on freelance wage calculation.

How do you calculate freelance rate?

Calculating the freelancing rate should be easy and fast. You can simply use our calculator to know your hourly freelancing rate

How do I determine my hourly rate?

You can simply use our calculator where you just need to enter your end goal and you will get your hourly rate.

How do you calculate your day rate?

To calculate day rate, you just need to enter how many hours you work daily and how much money you make or you want to make, our daily rate calculator will give you your daily rate.