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Rank Math SEO Review | Best Settings for RankMath

Most of the people use Yoast SEO as their default SEO plugin. Without a doubt, Yoast doesn’t need an introduction. People have been using it for the past many years. Now, there is another best Yoast alternative that you can use, the name is Rank Math SEO Plugin. We are going to do a full Rank Math SEO Review.


Overview of Rank Math SEO Review

This is just a basic overview of the Rank Math SEO review. Rank Math SEO Plugin is an SEO plugin by MyThemeShop. If you are using WordPress for a while, you surely will be aware of MyThemeShop. It is one of the best theme providers for WordPress.

Now, they are back with the SEO plugin which is quite a competition to Yoast SEO as well as All in One SEO WordPress plugin.

Yoast has two versions, one is free and if you want some of the extra features, you need to upgrade it to the premium one. Whereas, Rank Math SEO plugin is absolutely free. You will get many features that are not available in Yoast free version.

Rank Math helps you with each and everything starting from content optimization to your full website optimization. Whether it is local SEO that you are talking about or you are looking for the eCommerce SEO. To be more precise, Woocommerce SEO. It has all the things that you need. Moreover, for the bloggers out there, it supports 5 keyword optimization. In other words, you can check the keyword density and the SEO friendliness for 5 different keywords in your content.

Rank Math SEO gives you a simple yet best setup wizard that you can use. We are going to see the full Rank Math SEO Configuration for the best results.


Rank Math SEO Configuration

One of the best features we found in this Rank Math SEO review is the easy Rank Math SEO configuration. Most of the things in the plugin is already given. You can simply just complete the wizard just like you are installing software on your computer. It is that easy.

First of all, you need to download and install the Rank Math SEO Plugin. You can also search it from the WordPress plugin directory and then install and activate the plugin.

You will directly see the setup wizard which you can continue to quickly set up the plugin. In this Rank Math SEO review, we are also going to see the Rank Math SEO configuration which you can apply with ease.

Rank Math SEO Configuration


Just click on the start Wizard and you follow the step by step guide that we are seeing in this Rank Math SEO configuration.

If you are using any other plugin at first, Rank Math SEO will ask you to import the settings and the data from there. For instance, you can directly import the settings from Yoast SEO plugin or All in One SEO Plugin. It really makes it easy to migrate from one plugin to another due to this. Once you import the settings, you will not have to do half of the Rank Math SEO Configuration.

Step 1: Your site

So, this is the first step of our Rank Math SEO Configuration. Here, you just need to specify what type of website you are having. Whether it is a blog, eCommerce website, or a business website. There will be a couple of options in the dropdown menu, you just need to select one of them that applies for you.

The next thing is the logo for Google. Here, you can upload the logo of your website. It is the logo for Google. Just click on the Upload button and select the logo image. Hit the next button now.


Rank Math SEO Review


Depending on the type of the website you select, there will be a couple of more information that you need to enter. It will be relevant to your business only. So, you can easily enter it.


Step 2: Search Console

The next step is for the search console. You need to enter the search console code over here. You can click on “Get Authorization Code” and then you can hit paste the code over there. The next thing you need to do is select the search console profile.

Once you do it, you can hit the next button and head over to the next step of the Rank Math SEO Configuration, which is Sitemaps.

Rank Math SEO configuration


#3 Sitemap

The next step to configure Rank Math SEO plugin is to set up a sitemap. You just need to turn on the sitemaps option in the next step as shown in the image.

Rank Math SEO Review


There are a couple of other options that you can do such as include images or not. You can turn it on if you want Google to index your image also. If you want to turn it on, you will have to stop redirection of the image to the parent page. You can do it by going to Settings > Media.


Step 4: Optimization

The step is for the SEO Tweaks Configuration in Rank Math SEO. The best part about Rank Math SEO is that all the options are the recommended ones. In simpler words, if you are new to the SEO, you don’t need to change anything. Just hit the next button and it will be completely fine.

However, if you know what you are doing and want to make some tweaks, you can turn the indexation on or off as per your choice.


Rank Math SEO Configuration

Among all the optimization options, the last option is something interesting. It will strip the category base option directly.

The random category URL will be www.theincomekit.com/category/SEO will go to www.theincomekit.com/SEO

It can really be useful for SEO as you give the clean URL to Google and also to the users.


Step 5: Advanced options: 404 + Redirection


The next option is for the 404 Error monitoring. It is no secret now that 404 errors can really harm your website. In this Rank Math SEO review, we came to know that there is an inbuilt monitoring system for all these errors. The Rank Math plugin will monitor the errors. If any search engine or any vistor will land into the 404 page, the pluign will let you know.

Moreover, the custom redirection allows you to redirect all the URLs which contain errors. You can turn both of these on. Don’t worry, you can change it later if you want.



How to set up Rank Math SEO Plugin


Step 6: Schema Markup

Schema Markup is just the metadata and related stuff. You can turn o rich snippet as it will allow you to see a quick preview on how your webpage will appear on the Google Search results. Keep the rest of the data the same if your website is a blog. If not, you can change it as per your wish.

How to set up Rank Math SEO Plugin



Rank Math SEO Review for Modules

Our next part in the Rank Math SEO Review is the modules. When you complete the setup, you will see the modules option right in the plugin. There are different modules that you will get which you can turn on and off.

Rank Math SEO Review

Some of the modules are already active as we have set them up while Rank Math SEO configuration. So, we will see the rest of the modules in little details.


Advanced Custom Field  (ACF) SEO

ACF stands for Advanced custom fields. This is one of the famous WordPress plugins that many of you migth already be using. The plugin helps you to easily add extra fields to your website.

Now, what if you want to check the SEO for text in those fields? That’s where you will enable this module.

Whether you are using ACF plugin separately or your theme is using ACF, you can enable this module.

In simpler words, the people who are using WordPress as a management system will have to enable this module. If you are using WordPress as a Learning Management System or as a community forum, you will need this module as there are many other fields where you can enter the text.


BBPress SEO and BuddyPress SEO

Talking about the forum, how can we forget one of the best forum plugin available in the market? You can also do the BBPress SEO with Rank Math SEO plugin.

This will help you to the SEO with the feeds and the messages field.

The same goes with BuddyPress. You can do the SEO with all the fields that are available in the BuddyPress plugin.



You surely know about AMP, right? AMP pages are different than the normal ones. Do you know what it means? It means you will have to do some SEO to your AMP pages also.

Once you enable this module, Rank Math plugin will make sure that the AMP pages of your website get the best Optimization for search results.


Local SEO and Knowledge Graph

When it comes to Local SEO, there are thousands of things that matter. Some of them are Citations, NAP, Knowledge Graph. This is the main reason why Yoast has a different plugin for Local SEO.

So, we are going to see here the Rank Math SEO Review for Local SEO. To do that, you just need to enable the module. Once you enable the module, you will be given relevant suggestions for your content that will help you to rank for local search. It is incredible.


Role Manager

If you are the only person managing the WordPress site, you should really skip this module. However, if you have a team of SEO experts who are managing the Search Optimization, you should enable this module.

The Role Manager module will help you set different roles for different users. For instance, if you do not want the editor to access certain Rank Math modules, you can do it.

In the same way, you can restrict a person from accessing any part of the Rank Math SEO Plugin. So, if you have a membership website or a multi-author blog, this module can really be useful.


WooCommerce SEO

WooCommerce module helps you to do the WooCommerce Product’s SEO. If you are using WooCommerce, you might know that you can’t directly optimize the product description. For that, you can turn on this module.

When you turn on the module, you will not only be able to do the SEO for short product descriptions as well as for the long product description in WooCommerce. it will help you to rank your products in search results.



Content Optimization

Content optimization is the main thing that most of you people were waiting for in this entire Rank Math SEO Review. So, let’s see some of the features of Rank Math SEO over here.

SEO is not just for the entire website. You need to make sure that each and every post follows the SEO. That is why all the SEO plugins have the content readability analyzer. It will check the content for the keyword usage and will also check all the necessary things you will need for the SEO.

The best part about the Rank Math SEO Review comes here, you will be able to use not one but 5 different keywords. Moreover, if you create a free account in Rank Math, they will also give you the keyword suggestions that you can use as your keywords. Isn’t it fantastic?

Rank Math SEO Configuration

It gives a couple of options for content optimization. It checks more than 70 tests for optimization. Hence, the overall optimization is quite great and you get what you are looking for.

The plugin also checks for the readability and warns you if you are using long paragraphs and similar things.

RankMath SEO also provides SEO score out of 100. It shows you how much Search Engine Optimization you have done so far and what else is needed. If you scroll down, it will show you all the things you need to change or tweak. Therefore, it is very much useful for beginners.

Honestly, Yoast readability settings and analyze is a bit better than Rank Math SEO. However, if you take Search Engine Optimization into consideration, Rank Math SEO is far better compared to the free version of Yoast.

Even Yoast SEO has all the features but it comes in the premium version whereas Rank Math SEO plugin gives everything out for free.


Site-wide SEO, Support and Other Rank Math features

The side wide SEO is also quite good. Rank Math pretty much takes care of each and everything out there. So, you don’t need to worry about it.

There is an analyzer that comes with the plugin, you can run the analyzer to see how SEO friendly your website is. It will also give you some of the advice or tricks that you can implement in order to get the best results.

Do all this and your website will be in the SERP.

Not to mention, the plugin has clean code and hence will not slow down your website at any means. There is documentation given for all the tasks and features. You can check out the documentation and pretty much handle and configure Rank Math SEO Plugin by yourself.

Talking about the compatibility, the plugin is compatible with almost every website and plugin. You can still check the full list on their official website.

The plugin is basically a suite that consists of many small useful plugins. In simpler words, you don’t need any extra plugins for this.


Final words: Conclusion on Rank Math SEO Review


To summarize, this was the full Rank Math SEO Review. The plugin has clean code and also has amazing support that will help you whenever you want.

It is very easy to set up Rank Math Plugin due to the setup wizard. You don’t need to do any of the Rank Math SEO Configuration. All you have to do is hit the next button if you are new. However, you can surely make the changes if you know what you are doing.

There are a couple of modules available that makes the Local SEO, WooCommerce SEO, and ACF SEO really easy. As of now, there are very few plugins that give all these features for free. You can also check for content optimization.

You can enter up to 5 keywords to check. Moreover, if you just create a free account at Rank Math, you will also get auto suggestions for the keywords.

There are certain readability checks that will help you to write content more correctly. The sitewide analysis is also quite good and you will get several other features such as 404 monitoring and other SEO errors.

Overall, if you want a short Rank Math SEO Review, it is one of the best free alternatives to Yoast SEO. It is also beginner-friendly.

Download Link: Rank Math

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