Pepper content review for freelancers

Pepper Content Review for Freelance Writers and Creators

Pepper Content is a popular name across the writing industry. As a writer, you might have surely heard about Pepper Content.

If you are thinking about whether you should join Pepper Content as a freelance writer or not, this Peppercontent review is for you.

I am going to share my real experience with Pepper Content. This will give you a complete idea of whether you should join Pepper content as a freelance writer or not.

Is pepper content legit?

What is Pepper Content?

Pepper Content claims to be the largest marketplace that provides content for various needs. Businesses can order any content whereas freelance writers can provide the content.

You can work here as a freelancer.

It’s hard to get selected as they have a huge number of applications coming in on daily basis. You can always try to apply to see if it’s for you or not.

How to join Pepper Content as a freelance writer?

They have a separate section for creators and writers. You can simply apply there and become a writer.

But wait, it’s not easy. They have a full process of it.

Peppercontent review for freelancers and creators

The Test

When you first join Pepper Content as a freelance writer, they will give you a small test. These are grammar questions.

Difficulty: Easy

Time took: Roughly 10- 15 mins

The questions are easy and you don’t need to score 100% to get selected. So, you don’t need to worry about the grammar test. You can easily pass the PepperContent test.

People often try to find PepperContent English test answers online. However, the questions are different. The test is easy. So, you can answer all the questions and pass them easily.

Flexibility for Freelance writers

We will now see the flexibility of the content writers at Pepper Content. You can choose the right category that you love. You will only get projects from that specific category.

The deadlines are also flexible. So, you can easily complete the project even if you work full-time.

Article Sample

If you want to join Pepper Content as a freelance writer, you will have to write a free sample for them.

It was just 300 words for me. So, it wasn’t a big deal. You get a small brief on the target audience and how you need to write.

Once you complete it, you can send the article.

They will manually evaluate it and approve you based on it.

I got the message that it will take up to 4 weeks to check the content. That’s almost a month.

I was patient and thought to give it a shot. Usually, when the companies say, they will send feedback within 4 weeks, the answer comes in 2 weeks.

Here’s a quick timeline.

  • I submitted the article on 3rd April (Sunday)
  • I got a response from them on 1st May (Sunday)
  • That’s FULL 4 WEEKS.
  • Time taken to write: 30-45 minutes (for me)
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Time taken for approval: 4 weeks

It’s alright I thought. As long as I am getting the projects, it’s worth the wait.

Yes, I was selected.

The Salary or “Pay Per Word” rate on Pepper Content

Pepper Content pays roughly 5 paise to 10 Rupees for freelance writers. The rate they gave me was below what I used to charge on Fiverr.

The conclusion: The rate is too cheap. They still pay better than most of the agencies. So, it was not a big deal for me.

They will give you the rate after you submit the work to them. So, you will have to wait for 4 weeks before you get to know your price.

Pepper Content Contract

Once you are selected, they will send you a long Pepper Content contract that you will have to read and sign. Now, this is the Pepper Content review. So, we will also talk about the contract details.

It’s all generic agreement like you won’t contact the clients directly or share the content you wrote with anyone else.

So, if you’re planning to test drive or do a Pepper content review by doing a few projects for them, it’s a red signal. You can’t use the articles as a sample/portfolio.

You can sign the contract and you have successfully onboarded on Pepper Content. (or at least that’s what I thought).

Onboarding and Pepper Content Academy

Time went by. I was selected on 1st May and it was 23rd June. I was getting a lot of marketing emails from their team but no projects.

On 24th June, I got a call from their team. They said I will have to complete a small course to start getting projects.

They sent me an email a day ago (23rd June).

Yup, I got onboarded 2 months after I signed the contract and I was selected.

Time taken for onboarding: 1 month and 23 days

Time taken for the course: 2 hours

Projects I have worked on after signing the contract: 0

The course was good but they have one very bad thing. You will first have to read the PPT (PDF) where they mention all the things. Thereafter, there is the same video of a guy speaking the exact thing written on the PPT.

Luckily, there is 2x speed available. You can listen to it at 1.5x. So, you can complete the entire course in 1.5 hours.

It’s valuable content. If you have been working on projects, there will be nothing new. If not, it’s worth watching the full videos.

Support: Does Pepper Content cares about the writer?

On 5th July, I emailed them about not getting projects. I emailed them at 4:40 PM.

I got a reply in 2 minutes. It looked genuine reply and not a generated message.

Peppercontent review for freelance writers

So, the support team is awesome.

Here’s what I got in the response.

Projects you get

I contacted them o the 5th of July about not getting any projects. On July 6th, I got a project. Interesting, isn’t it?

I had to accept the project within 12/16 hours. I don’t remember the time exactly. I received a WhatsApp message as well as I got an email from them. I accepted the assignment.

The deadline was 8Th July 7:00 PM.

I submitted the article on the same day as it was just 500 words.

9th and 10th were Saturday and Sunday. So, we can assume that they might have taken leave for the weekend.

It’s the 19th 1:00 PM and the article is neither approved nor it’s rejected. It’s pending with no response. Therefore, it’s NOT RELIABLE.

Update: The article got approved on 31st July. It’s more than 20 days since I submitted it. Apparently, it was under some “editing” phase. Now, here is my opinion. They gave me 2 days to write the article. Even if they assign it to 3 more editors, it should take 10 days. Whereas, here it took more than 20 days. Also, there were no updates on where the article process is.

Next, the payment isn’t cleared yet. It will be cleared in the next payment cycle.

Further, I started getting projects that I don’t really have expertise in. If I have specified tech and marketing as my niche, I shouldn’t be getting infrastructure articles. That’s what I dislike about the agency.

There are a few people I know who have worked with Pepper Content for a while. Here’s what they said about it.

Well, at first, the projects were great. You could easily get 3/5 projects every month. However, the projects started to decrease after a few months.

The top Quora reviews say “Most Mis-managed company”.

Peppercontent review quora

Turns out that Pepper Content rotates the gigs after a while.

It’s not just with the Pepper Content. Even Fiverr does the same.

Here’s my take on Fiverr Gig Rotation.

My Honest PepperContent Review

Now, this is my personal opinion. We are going to see the final verdict as well.

Peppercontent is a mismanaged company. No doubt about that. However, if you are making about zero money or working on other projects. You can surely register here.

You can get a few projects and you will make some pennies.

For all the others, it’s NOT RECOMMENDED to WASTE your time here. It’s just like a job. You can’t use the content as a portfolio, you will not grow, and you will get ANY type of project irregardless of what your niche is, and the process/management is not at all impressive.

Final Verdict of Pepper Content review: Should you Join as a freelancer?

Pepper Content is a genuine website where you can get the projects (I didn’t get any) but when I talked to a few people who worked here, they got a FEW projects. You can expect roughly 4/5 projects a month (in most cases).

So, should you join Pepper Content as a freelancer?

Well, if you are a new writer, it’s alright to spend a few hours of your time here to get a small boost to your income.

If you have been doing content writing on ANY platform, avoid Pepper Content as it will simply waste your time. Instead, you can focus on cold emailing and creating a LinkedIn network. 

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