Inteletravel review scam or legit

InteleTravel Affiliate MLM review (PlanNet Marketing)

InteleTravel is a travel advisor website that allows you to plan travel with the help of an advisor. They have an affiliate program where you can be an advisor and make some easy cash.

This is a complete InteleTravel affiliate review or PlanNet marketing review where we will cover every aspect of the travel website. We will see whether it’s a pyramid scheme, MLM, legit affiliate website, or another scam marketing platform where you should stay away.

About InteleTravel Affiliate

If you want to be a travel agent with InteleTravel, you will have to join PlanNet marketing. PlanNet marketing is an affiliate partner of InteleTravel. Your entire advisor support and dashboard will be maintained here.

Inteletravel review
Inteletravel review

So, if you want to register yourself as an InteleTravel advisor, you will have to join PlanNet Marketing. Don’t worry, in this Intele MLM review, we will also cover the entire PlanNet review to get an idea about it.

What is PlanNet Marketing?

PlanNet Marketing is the affiliate website for the InteleTravel platform. If you want to start referring to other advisors, you will have to join PlanNet marketing.

The program is called InteleTravel ITA (Independent Travel Agency) business. You will get all the information about the ITA over here on this website.

Let’s learn more about it before we see how to join InteleTravel ITA (Independent Travel Agency) business.

Plannet marketing review
Plannet Marketing review

Knowing the Inteletravel Pyramid (Scheme)

We will first know about the scheme and how you can make money from it.

You register yourself as a PlanNet role, you can sell to other advisors. In some plans, you can also be an advisor and sell to others. They have different roles the same. We will talk more about it as we move.

People often argue whether InteleTravel or PlanNet marketing is a pyramid scheme or not. Well, we won’t talk more about it and let you decide.

Who are your customers as a PlanNet Rep?

You will be selling to potential advisors. These advisors will be registered at InteleAdvisors travel.

What will the person get when they buy from you (PlanNet Marketing)?

They will get the post of advisor in InteleTravel agency. They can make money by advising people and creating a travel plan for them. You can check the Intelee website to know more about it.

Is PlanNet marketing an MLM?

Yes, you will get money when your customer refers someone to be an advisor.

Is InteleTravel a pyramid scheme?

Usually, pyramid schemes are schemes where there is no actual product. Here, you are getting a product as well. So, the answer is yes and no, InteleTravel can be treated as a pyramid scheme if you just talk about the model. However, they do have an actual product that your customers will get.

How can I register with InteleTravel Affiliate?

The program is called InteleTravel ITA (Independent Travel Agency) business. You can register it by PlanNet Marketing.

What does PlanNet Marketing do?

PlanNet acts as a platform for the partners of InteleTravel. The people who register with PlanNet marketing will be selling the InteleTravel’s Home-based Independent advisor program.

Is InteleTravel a good company?

Yes, they have been in the industry for more than 30 years. You can read the complete article to see all the pros and cons.

What does it cost you to join PlanNet Marketing?

There are various stages of joining the program. In this PlanNet Marketing review, we are going to head over to the “PlanNet Marketing Compensation Plan”.

The base plan that is Rep (Individual Represnetive) costs a $19.95 initial fee and $19.95 monthly fee.

 PlanNet marketing compensation plan
Inteletravel pyramid scheme

There are no commissions paid here. Instead, you will get a fixed rate for the sales you deliver. You get $50 for each sale you deliver. There is no limit on the number of sales you can get.

Plannet marketing compensation plan
inteletravel reviews

The cost to your customer is  $179.95 for the first time and then $39.95 monthly.

How much money can you make with PlanNet Marketing?

Well, they have a small table.

Inteletravel pyramid scheme or MLM
Plannet marketing MLM

Please note that these numbers are from 2021. You can check the latest numbers on their official website.

One of the best things we found in this PlanNet marketing review is honesty. They have clearly stated the estimated number of hours they are working and the average commissions they got. Assuming the numbers are true, you will get a rough idea of how much money you can make here.

Now that you know about the money you’re going to make. We will see what is the core product you will be selling.

Knowing the Product

We will now see the InteleTravel review and see whether the product is worth it or not.

It’s a travel planning where customers can find travel advisors who can help them with the travel advice. The company has been in the industry for more than 30 years.

When you’re selling someone your PlanNet scheme, they will be registered as an advisor on InteleTravel.

They can then advise the customers about the travel details.

InteleTravel Review: Is the Platform good enough?

Please note that this is the InteleTravel review and not the entire PlanNet Marketing review. We will see about PlanNet in the next section.

The travel platform is used by a few people as compared to other websites. So, you will have to do most of the work of bringing in the sales.

As all of the advisors will get money, sometimes, the advisors cross the line to make a sale. This leaves a bad impression on the entire platform. So, you might have to try more to ask people to use the travel service.

Please note that you are not selling travel services. You will have to FIND THE ADVISORS who will join Inteletravel.

InteleTravel review legit or scam
Plannet marketing reviews

Pros of InteleTravel

  • People can choose the advisor directly.
  • The website seems attractive and easy to use.

Cons of InteleTravel

  • Today, less number of people are using advisors and small websites for advisors.

PlanNet Marketing Review

We will now see the PlanNet marketing review. This review is from an MLM or affiliate money-making point of view.

We will see a couple of points you need to keep in mind.

How much money you can make with PlanNet Marketing?

There is a limited scope when it comes to money-making for the initial days. If you already have a network of advisors who are willing to work, you will make good money.

For everybody else, the potential is limited.

Well, as per the website, you will have to pay them to get started.

Assuming, you’re paying $19.95 a month and getting rewards of $50 per sale, you will have to make at least 2 sales a month to get a handful of money.

The commission rate is great. You will get roughly 50% of the first month’s payment (for Rep). So, you don’t even need to worry about the renewal. Even if they don’t renew it, you will make money.

PlanNet Marketing Scam Reviews

Now, we will also see a few things about the PlanNet Marketing scam.

There are a few people who have negative InteleTravel reviews about PlanNet. So, we will talk about them before we go to our final verdict. These are taken from various other InteleTravel reviews to get the perfect verdict.

#1 Dishonest or Fake Marketing from Plannet Marketing reviews

It’s not PlanNet dishonest marketing. Instead, it’s the dishonest marketing of the other people who have joined the PlanNet platform. These are from people who have Plannet marketing reviews. Let’s take an example to know more. If someone has to be an InteleTravel advisor, they might try a little extra to sell the service. This leads to dishonest marketing at some point. So, if Mike is an advisor of Plannet, they might try harder to sell their services to John. What if Mike makes a fake promise about Plannet Marketing?

#2 Pyramid Scheme or Fraud

Like we mentioned earlier, they have an actual product that you’re selling. So, it’s not a fraud or scam. You can consider it as a type of Multi-level Marketing scheme as they have an entire branch. For the Rep position, you only get the one-time commissions.

#3 Transparency

There are a few reviews that say PlanNet marketing doesn’t show all the reports. However, the reviews might be old. As they have mentioned the details on the PlanNet marketing compensation program page on their official website.

Final Verdict: Should you join PlanNet Marketing or InteleTravel?

The short answer is no.

Unless you have a network of advisors, you shouldn’t join the program.

The simplest reason is because of the limitations of the program. No doubt, they will pay you money. However, the number of hours you work and the amount of money you invest here is not worth it. This is our opinion, you can make your decision as per your wish.

This post is a combination of multiple Inteletravel reviews and Plannet marketing reviews which we have taken all the considerations. After thorough research on Inteletravel MLM, this article was written. This is just an opinion about the company.

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