review: Hire Filipino workers Review: Worth Hiring Philippines Freelancer or Working? is a freelancing platform for Philippines freelancers and clients. You can work as a freelancer find a job on this platform or hire Philippines freelancers with ease. We are going to do a complete review for hiring as well as working as a freelancer or finding a job using onlinejobs.

What is

Before we get to more details, let’s understand the Filipino platform for hiring and working.

It all started back in January 2006 when their team hired their first Filipino worker. He was very hard-working and would do anything the team asked them to do. Eventually, they had a conversation with other colleagues and they wanted these people to find other similar Filipino workers. Hire Filipino workers or work online in Philippines

That’s when started. A platform dedicated to hiring Filipino workers or working online from the Philippines.

How to work for from Philippines?

We will first discuss how you can work or find a job in Phillpines.

If you are a visitor from outside of the Philippines, you can’t work on The site is just for Filipino workers. Without a doubt, if you are a Filipino currently working outside of the country, you can register and work on

The steps are simple to work online from the Philippines.

  • You need to register for an account.
  • Submit the ID proof (yes, it’s necessary to minimize spam).
  • Connect your FB ID.
  • Take some tests depending on the skills you have added.
  • That’s all.

Now, you can start applying for the jobs. You will see all the Philippines jobs in the “find work” section. You can find a perfect job for you and start applying.

There will be a short interview after which you will be selected or rejected for the job.

Pros of for freelancers and employees

  • There are no commission-based jobs like other websites.
  • Only Philippines workers are allowed. So, this decreases the competition.
  • no experience workers can also start with small projects. review from workers/freelancers

Cons of for employees and freelancers

  • Less salary as the amount is paid in Philippines peso and not dollars. for Hiring Filipino workers

Now let’s come to the main part of how you can hire Filipino workers from

It’s a popular platform if you are looking for Philippines employees.

You can simply post a job on the website and you will start getting applications for the same. They provide an easy platform using which you can either shortlist or reject people based on the application.

The workers are friendly and have great communication skills to talk in English. So, you do not need to worry about communication issues. Along with this, they have already given the tests in their respective skills to ensure that you’re hiring skilled Filipino workers.

What job posts can you hire for?

You can hire anyone from this platform. Here are some of the popular skills that people are looking for. These are the top skills that people are looking for.

Most people hire Filipino virtual assistants from as they can help you in doing most of your work without any issues. If you have multiple small tasks, you can surely ask them to do it for you.

Beyond virtual assistant, you can find many more jobs here. Please note that the Philippines virtual assistant for hire can also speak English. So, you can easily communicate with them for professional purposes.

  • Virtual Assistant
  • WordPress Developer
  • SEO Expert
  • Graphic design
  • Social Media Marketing
  • PHP Developer
  • Real Estate Virtual Assistant
  • Content Writer
  • Amazon expert
  • Sales Representative
  • Marketing Specialist
  • Shopify Developer
  • Video Editor
  • Data Entry Specialist
  • Web Developer
  • Project Manager
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Lead Generation
  • Infusionsoft Specialist hire Virtual Assistant (VA) in Philippines

What are commissions and pricing for hiring?

Unlike other commission-based platforms, here, you will have to pay an upfront fee to list your job.

There are three plans. One of them is free while the others are paid.

  • The first plan is free. However, you can’t hire anyone from here.
  • The base paid plan will cost you $69 a month where you can post up to 3 jobs a month. They offer a 64% discount if you go with an annual plan.
  • last plan has a $99 a month fee where you can post up to 10 jobs a month. They will give 70% discount for the annual plan. pricing for hiring in Philippines

Pros of for hiring Filipino workers

  • A dedicated platform where you can hire Filipino workers. It will save you time.
  • Workers are hardworking and qualified as they have to take several tests along with your personal interview.
  • customer service is exceptional as it’s a paid platform for employers.
  • A free plan to see if you can get the candidates suitable for your job.
  • You don’t need to worry about the taxes or 1099.
  • Once you have hired them, you don’t have to worry about maintaining your onlinejobs subscriptions. You can remove the subscription and you can still work with the hired candidate.

Cons of Hiring Philippines Workers from

  • Expensive platform if you want to hire Filipino freelancers.
  • Only limited to Philippines workers.

Final Verdict for review

Overall, is a legit website with reliable income and scope. The customer service is amazing as well. So, if you face any issues, you can contact the team for help.

Final verdict for review will depend on whether you are looking to use to hire Filipino workers or you want to work as one. So, the review and verdict are different for both of these.

Is good platform to find a job or work as a freelancer?

Yes, if you are from the Philippines, is a great website where you can find jobs or freelance projects for full-time and part-time. There are no commissions-based projects and all the job posts are genuine with fewer spams. So, you won’t have to waste more time going through all the posts.

Is for hiring worth it? for hiring is surely worth it if you want to hire for a long-term or short-term project with a decent budget. Unlike other platforms, here you will have to pay a monthly fee of at least $69 to start hiring. So, you need to have a good budget if you want to hire freelancers or full-time workers from the Philippines. You will surely find the best people from So, it’s worth it.

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