7 Best Platforms to Hire Filipino Workers (Philippines workers)

It’s difficult to hire Filipino workers especially when you don’t know where to find them. This is a top list of the best platforms to hire Philippines workers hassle-free.

We have created a complete list suitable for all types of people. It doesn’t matter whether you are an agency looking to hire a VA in the Philippines or a small business owner looking for some Filipino freelancers.

You will find the right platforms here. Let’s start with the list.

7 Best Platforms to Hire Filipino Workers (Philippines workers)

We have curated the list keeping in mind many things such as skilled workers, pricing, reliability, etc. So, this is the ultimate list you can refer to.

Please note that we have given the rates in US dollars and not in Philippines Peso (PHP).

1. Onlinejobs.ph

Best job board to hire Filipino workers

The best website to hire Filipino workers is Onlinejobs.ph. As the name says, it’s a website where you can post a job and the workers will apply for the job. It’s one of the oldest websites started back in 2006.

It’s one of the few platforms that is fully reliable and has been in the industry for so long. To test out the platform, you can also try a free plan where you will get limited applications from the employees. However, you can’t hire any of them unless you go with a paid plan.

It’s worth noting that once you buy the plan and hire a Philippines virtual assistant or any other employee, you don’t need to pay the monthly fee. The fee only applies if you want to hire continuously.

Onlinejobs.ph at a glance:

  • The listing charge to hire someone starts at $69 a month. You can get a discount if you pay yearly. The base paid plan only allows 3 job posts.
  • You will find almost all types of skilled Filipino workers on this website.
  • It’s great for full-time employees as well as part-time.
  • You don’t need to worry about the taxes.
  • The platform is dedicated to Philippines employees.

Visit website: Onlinejobs.ph

2. Virtual staff.ph

Outsourcing in Philippines

Yet another website to hire virtual staff is Virtualstaff.ph. It’s the popular Philippines outsourcing marketplace to hire Filipino virtual assistants. They have multiple skills you can hire. You can also have a look at other Philippines worker’s profiles and see their portfolio to know more.

The pricing is almost similar to the market rate. However, the big advantage here is the number of job posts and applications you can hire. As the name says, it’s great if you want to hire Philippines staff and not just a Filipino freelancer. The paid plan allows unlimited hiring.

Overall, Virtualstaff can be a bit costly for someone looking to hire for a small project. However, if you are a company looking for the entire Filipino staff (more than 3 members), VirtualStaff is great for you.

Virtualstaff.ph at a glance:

  • The paid plan starts at $99 a month where you will get a discount if you pay annually. The paid plan allows unlimited hiring.
  • Marketplace to check out Filipino candidate’s portfolios and hourly rates.
  • You will find all types of workers here.
  • The plan is favorable to hire VA staff in the Philippines.

Website: VirtualStaff

3. VirtualStaffFinder

Virtual staff Finder in Philippines

Virtual Staff Finder is a suitable platform for virtual assistant agency hiring. They have helped agencies hire over 8000 virtual assistants from the Philippines. Not just limited to hiring them, they have customers (employers) from around 45 countries.

The site is only recommended for agency owners who are looking to set a complete staffing in the Philippines. As the charges are lot more compared to others. However, it’s just a one-time rate after which you will get the complete freedom to hire anyone you want.

It’s a great deal if you are planning to use it for a very long time. As there is no monthly fee, you can be worry-free about paying the regular costs. Even the platform has great job workers with high skills. So, there are absolutely no issues in going with them as long as you are fine with the fees.

Virtual staff finder at a glance:

  • One-time fee of $595. There are no other costs involved ever. Their team will contact you with further details.
  • Highly recommended for agencies wanting to hire staff. Not recommended if you have low requirements.
  • Once you sign up, you can post a job and hire the people you want.
  • It allows testing, hiring, and communication with the candidates you select.

Website: Virtual Staff Finder

4. Outsourced.ph

Offshore staffing agency Philippines

Are you a US, UK, or Australian agency looking to hire Filipino staff? Outsourced.ph is for you. Wondering why? Well, they have offices in all these countries with local call support available. They even have international support.

Coming to the next point, Outsourced is an agency, unlike other websites we have mentioned. Here, you can send the requirements to the company and they will hire a Philippines virtual assistant for you. Thereafter, you can manage them directly.

So, it’s for the companies who have high budgets and less time. You can outsource your hiring to Outsourced and get Philippine’s staffing from them.

Outsourced. ph at a glance

  • Outsourced. ph is an agency that will hire workers on your behalf.
  • You send them your requirements and you will then get the quote.
  • The Filipino employees with Outsourced are carefully curated and offer the best services.
  • You can completely rely on the company without you having to find and interview the candidates.
  • The pricing can be a bit more compared to “DIY staffing”. However, it’s surely worth it.

Website: Outsourced

5. Taskbullet

Hire Philippines remote workers

Taskbullet is a global website for hiring VAs in the Philippines. The best part about TaskBullet is their “No membership fees”. Don’t worry, they don’t even have any hidden fees you need to worry about. They have a couple of plans where you can select the preferred plan. You just need to pay the hourly fee and you’re good to move on.

There are no hidden fees nor you will have to pay any deposit fees. Therefore, if you are planning to hire freelancers from the Philippines, it’s an affordable staffing website. Their main service is about hiring virtual assistance in Philippines.

They have services for all the tasks. However, most companies use it for freelancing work. So, if you want to hire Filipino virtual assistance, you can try out this website.

Taskbullet at a glance:

  • There is no subscription fee, membership fee, or any hidden fees.
  • The base plan starts at $11 to $15 per hour depending on the offers going on. If you want to hire staff for more number of hours, you will get more discount. The cost can go as low as $6.5 per hour.
  • The company will choose the freelancers or virtual assistants for you.
  • They have a bucket system to make hiring easier and faster.
  • It’s a dedicated platform for Philippines workers.

Website: TaskBullet

6. Remote Coworker

Remote Coworker is one of the most popular global websites for hiring remote workers from anywhere in the world including the Philippines. As it’s a global website, you will have to spend more time in hiring the right people from a specific country.

The reason why we have included them in the list is because of the number of workers. As we mentioned at the start of the article, it’s a popular website with a global presence. So, you can find Filippino workers in a short time.

If you are looking to only hire Filippino staff or VA, you should prefer other websites first. However, if other sites are not suitable for you, you can try out Remote Coworker.

Remote Coworker at a glance:

  • Their pricing starts at just $8.99/hour. You can hire more people if needed. Unlike the above site, the price will remain the same even if you want more hours.
  • The team will select the right people for you. They also do background checks.
  • You are free to interview as many virtual assistants as you want.
  • All Philippines VAs are fluent in English.
  • It’s a global website. So, it becomes a bit harder to find workers in Philippines.

Website: Remote Coworker

7. Upwork

Hire Filipino VA

Ahh, shocked to see the platform here? Upwork is one of the most popular freelance platforms that works globally. They allow you to add specific details to hire the workers. So, you can enter “Philippines” in the location. With this, the freelancers can see that you’re preferring Filipino freelancers or staff over others.

Upwork is a commission-based network where you’re only paying if you hire someone. The best part is that there are no specific requirements on the pricing. Meaning, you can pay $100 for the entire work or you can pay $10 an hour for hiring a new freelancer.

People who are new to Upwork will do your job at a very cheap rate to gain reviews. It’s good for you as you can get the work done at the cheapest rate and it’s also good for the worker as they can get a kickstart for their career.

Upwork at a glance:

  • 10% service charge for every payment you make.
  • A popular platform with lots of freelancers.
  • Great for hiring freelancers from all around the globe.
  • Multiple skills available. You can hire staff for the biggest most complex tasks which isn’t possible with some other websites.
  • Upwork has now become complicated and it’s harder to find the right people. The main reason is because of the crowd. Now, many freelancers are working here.

How to find the best workers from the Philippines?

As the online working culture is getting popular, people are demanding more money and want to do less work. In that case, going with countries like the Philippines is the best for your business. Today, many US companies are looking to hire Filipino workers.

There are a variety of reasons as to why companies are looking for staffing from the Philippines.

More Work, Less Salary

The biggest reason why companies want to hire Filipino workers is because they can get more work done for less amount of salary. Philippines currency and payscale are lower as compared to the US and Europe. So, your companies can pay half of what they would pay in the US or Europe. For workers in the Philippines, the amount is bigger. So, it’s a win-win situation for all.

Fluet English

The biggest problem in hiring people from other countries is the language barrier. If the communication is not good enough, the worker will not be able to do the best work. More than 93% of Filipino workers are fluent in English. So, you can surely rely on these workers.

Culture and Ethics

Many Philippines workers now work for other companies. US agencies prefer hiring from the Philippines as Filipino workers are more positive about the US than other countries. So, you are more likely to get work done. It’s said that more than 15-20% of Filippino workers are working for US companies. It’s not just for the US, it’s great for all the countries from the Americas, Australia, Europe, and even Asia.


To conclude, these are some of the best websites to hire Filipino workers. You can opt for any of these websites to hire a VA in the Philippines.

If you are still confused, here’s the list to directly choose the right website for you.

  • Best Platform to hire Filipino workers: Onlinejobs.ph
  • Agency: Outsourced
  • Filippino freelancers hiring: Taskbullet

Online jobs. ph has a reputation in the Philippines to work for other agencies. Therefore, that’s our #1 website to hire VA. Thereafter, Outsourced is an agency where they do the work for you. Lastly, if you are a small business owner who wants to do small work in the Philippines, Taskbullet is for you.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How can I hire Philippines workers online?

There are many platforms to hire Philippines workers online from any country you want. All you have to do is register on one of such websites and start your account. One such website is onlinejobs.ph which is very much popular among all the countries.

What are the benefits of hiring Filipino workers?

To begin with, they are fluent in English which removes the language barrier. Further, Filipino workers see other countries more positively. So, you are more likely to have a great client-freelancer or client-employee relationship.

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