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9 Best Popunder Ad Networks and Highest Paying Popup ads

If you are not getting approved in Adsense, you might have thought of using some of the best highest paying popunder ad networks on your blog/site, right?

Well, we are here for you with another post where we are going to see the best highest paying popup and popunder ad networks.

This is basically a  top list but it will also cover the basic topic that will help you know more about the networks.


Overview of the best Popup and Popunder ad networks

Most people think that both popup ads and popunder ad are the same. However, they both are different type of ads, here will see some of the best popup ad networks you can use and we will also see if they offer the popunder ads.

But before that, let’s see the basic difference between these two guys.

Both of these networks will open a new window where the ads are shown. The new window will only have a one tab where the advertiser’s URL is automatically opened. There are a couple of things that you need to keep in mind if you want to use these networks.

One of them is whether they serve adult ads or not. Most of the popups and popunders are of adult website. So, you need to make sure that ad network you are using doesn’t serve adult ads without asking your permission.


What is Popup Ad network?

A popup ad network will open the new window of ads directly above the current window. In simpler words, if a user is surfing your website and a popup shows up. They will automatically see the popup window above their current tab.

Popup ad networks will pay more money compared to the popunder ad network as the user will forcefully see the ads.


What is Popunder Ad network?

A popunder ad network is little bit different from the popup network. Here, the primary difference is in the new ad window. Unlike popup ads, here the window will not open above the current window but it will open the in background.

Meaning, the user will still be surfing and seeing the current page while the ad window will load on the background window. A popunder window will pay you less money as the user is not directly seeing the ads. The user might simply close the window without even seeing.



Best Popup and Popunder ad networks

Now that you know the basic difference between the popup advertisement and popunder advertisement. Let’s begin the top list. Here, you will find the best popup ads networks as well as you will find the best popunder ad networks.

Generally, an ad network will offer both of the ads on the same platform. So, you will have to find two different websites. You can serve both of them on a single website.


#1 Popads (Best Popunder ads network)

Our first choice and basically one of the best popunder ads networks in the market is Popads. Popads has been in the industry from a couple of time and is currently no doubt the best popup ads network you can use. The approval process is too easy, you just have to enter the website. It will automatically scan the website and approve it in a couple of hours.

best popads network

They accept most of the websites, so you don’t need to worry about it. The popup ads are mostly clean and they also pay the highest CPM. Even if you are a small publisher, you can benefit a lot from this website. The minimum payment of this website is pretty low and hence the publishers with small earnings can get the payments ASAP. Moreover, the website has been in the market for years. Therefore, there are no chances of scam. One can make good money from it.

Popads at a glance

Minimum Payout: $5

Payment Frequency: Daily payment

Payment Processor: Paypal, Wire transfer, and Alertpay is also the option

Signup page: Popads


#2 Propeller Ads (Best onClick ads network)

When you take popunder ads, there is another thing called onClick ads and auto ads. If you choose to go with the auto ads, the popunder will open directly when the user visits your website. Whereas, the onClick ads are a little different from that. Here, the popunder will only open if the user clicks on the page.

best popunder ads networks

Propeller ads are the best as they don’t only offer the popup and popunder networks but they also offers native ads and push notifications which is perfect for your business. The approval is quite tough as compared to other best popunder ads networks but once you get approved, the ad network pays you enough. Propellerads is more of a professional network. So, you will get a good CPM from it.

Propeller ads at a Glance

Minimum Payout: $5

Payment Frequency: You will get the payout within 4 days

Payment method: Credit card, Paypal, Payoneer, Bank transfer, Web money.

Signup page: Propeller Ads


#3 Revenuehits

Our next popunder ad network that you can surely take a look at is Revenuehits. It has been in the industry for the past couple of years. Revenuehits can be a really good option if you want some reliable networks. The CPM is quite good which will help you make more money. If you are a small publisher, you will have to make your website a little good and you will get approved.

highest paying popunder ads networks

On the good side, why it is one of the best popunder ad networks for small publishers is because of the no minimum traffic requirements rule. As a new publisher, it is hard to get a ton of traffic and this best popup ad network will be perfect for you in such cases. There are many other ad formats that they provide, you can surely choose any of them once your website gets approval. Revenuehits are more of a CPA network. In simpler words, if a user takes any action from the ads, you will get good money from it.

Revenuehits at a glance

Minimum payout: $10 (good for small publishers)

Payment Frequency: Net 30

Payment method: Paypal, Payoneer, and Wire transfer.

Signup Page: RevenueHits


#4 AdCash

You surely are fed of AdBlock, aren’t you? Well, you are gonna love AdCash because of its anti-Adblock technology. That’s right, no more adblocking with this. AdCash provides multiple ad formats and worldwide coverage. It is the network for you whether you are a small publisher looking for the best popunder ads networks or you have enough traffic and looking for the highest paying popup ads networks.

best popunder ad networks

They also have the highest fill rates. In simpler words, almost all visitors will see an ad. In this way, you will get the maximum amount of money from them. As a result, you will monetize all the audience. If you want to see the stats, you can see it live on the dashboard. They have real-time statistics which is great. They have multiple payment methods which include Paypal, Payoneer, Bank transfer, and many more. The popunder network will pay you within 30 days. However, you can surely contact the account manager if you want the payment of demand.

Signup at Adcash


#5 AdMaven

AdMaven is not only a popup ads network but you will get many other formats over here. You can monetize every single user with the help of the ads. The network has global coverage. In simpler words, it has advertisers from all the countries. You will easily be able to monetize your website with this. The transparency is what makes the ad network the best one. You will get dedicated support whenever you want from their support team.

best popunder ad networks

The eCPM is quite high as compared to other ones. However, the AdBlock can still block some of the ads from the network. There are many users out there who have Adblock enabled. You are going to lose the money from them. On the plus side, the integration is really easy for all the websites. Along with this, the transparency is great. You will get a complete report about the payments and the traffic you send them. Also, there are flexible payment plans to get your payment easily.

Signup at Ad Maven


#6 Popcash

Popcash is one of the best popunder ad networks that you can have a look at. It pretty much accepts traffic from all the countries. Hence, you will surely get accepted no matter from which country your traffic is from. Further, the minimum payout is a little bit high as compared to the previous ones. Here, you will have to reach a minimum of $10 in order to get the payment in your Paypal account.

best popup ads network

The advantage of Popcash is that it is considered to be one of the highest paying popup ads networks. However, there are a couple of disadvantages too along with the advantages. The biggest disadvantage that you will face here is the adblockers. Most of the popunder ads network update their code on a regular basis. Hence, it becomes a little hard for ad networks to block the ads. However, Popcash doesn’t do it. Hence, the AdBlock will easily block all the ads. As a result, you will get less money. Also, sometimes the popup ads are adult ads which can be annoying.

Signup at Popcash


#7 HillTopAds

HillTopAds is another popup ad network with a ton of ad formats. There are various benefits you will get here. You can get the popup ads, direct contracts with advertisers, and you will also get the CPM and CPA networks. They have their own ad servers for better optimization. Talking about the support, they have experts sitting there for you whenever you want. HillTopAds accepts almost all the niches.

highest paying popup ads

They have only clean ads. You see even the best popunder ads networks have very some adult ads. This might not only harm your earnings but you might also lose the visitors. Here, you will only see the clean ads. They claim to increase your revenue and also increase the overall performance by 30%. There is nothing wrong to try out the website. You can keep using it if you get the results and your revenue increases. You will get weekly payments on HillTopAds. Also, there are multiple payment methods including Paypal.

Signup at HillTopAds


#8 ClickADU

Our next popunder network for you is ClickAdu. ClickAdu has been in the industry for the past couple of years. There are more than 2 billion impressions server each and every day. Along with this, there are daily 3.3M conversions. They have various ad formats available which you can implement on your website. They have popunder ads, popup ads, push notification ads, video ads, skim ads, instant text messages ads, etc. With this, you can monetize the maximum part of your website.

popup ads network for small publishers

When you go to the official website, you will see the average eCPM displayed right there. Depending upon the country of your traffic, you will get the highest popunder CPM. The payments are automated and hence you will get the payment as soon as you reach the threshold. There are various payment methods you can choose from. All the ads displayed are clean and safe. Further, if someone from your friends is looking to join the network, they have a great referral network.

Signup for Clickadu


#9 PopUnder

The next one is our list of the best popunder ad networks is Popunder. Also, just like some of the best popunder ad networks, Popunder has been in the industry for the past couple of years. Recently, they came up with a whole new UI and platform for their website. The name says Popunder but they also offer many other ads format. You can add the popunder networks, push notifications ads, and also many more.

popunder ads for small publishers

They have a whole network of partners. For instance, the server the ads from some of the best popunder ad networks such as Popcash. You will see a combination of all these ads. This ensures the highest payment in popads in the industry. On the plus side, they pay you on a daily basis. So, you don’t even have to wait for a week when you want to withdraw your payment.

Signup for Popunder


Final Words: Conclusion

To conclude, these are a couple of the best popunder ad networks and popup ad networks that you can register for. There are also many other networks that are worth taking look at along with these. However, these are the ones that pay you the highest CPM and also it approves all the small publishers. So, we have collected these highest paying popup ads and highest paying best popunder ad networks keeping in mind that thing.

Do let us know in the comment section, which of the best popunder ad networks you are going to try next. Also, if you are already using one of these best popunder ad networks, do share your thoughts on that one.

You can always start freelancing and start making money with the best freelancing platforms if you want to make some side income.


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